Monday, May 20, 2013

SE FL SAAC on the Cover of the Rolling Stones!!!???

Well not quite...  Sorry, folks. We did not in fact make the cover of the Rolling Stones Magazine. (Mad editing props go out to our resident tech support, the Mach 1 Fashionista and Mr. T) However, we did make the June 2013 Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords. They covered NPD's 19th Annual Ford & Mustang Roundup at Silvers Springs, Florida. 

Turn to page 140 FRATERNITY OF FORDS... 

 ...and low and behold in the big picture you have from left to right:

1)   The BLUE BOMB (a.k.a. El Gee Tee 500)
2)   Then you have the black and gold HERTZ driven by Mr. J
3)   Followed by Luis and Marlene’s Boss 302 (recently wrecked R.I.P. they are OK)
4)   Oh no. another stump puller the RED BOMB (a.k.a. EL Otro Gee Tee 500) driven by Mr. Nelly and Miss Jacklyn
5)   Followed by Marcs red Pantera
6)   Next to it you have Mr. T and Mrs. Alis blue Mach 1

Just above this picture they have a small picture. 

Here we have :
1)   Mr. Hectors and Mrs. Ayi yellow / black Stang convertible
2)   Followed by Mrs. J black GT convertible
3)   Mr. Ciros white Cobra………………hissssssssss said the snake.

Then if you have a HUBBLE TELESCOPE and you magnify this tiny picture, the building in the back you would see DARTHs BIG RED (a.k.a. El Gee Tee 500 Viejo). 

It was parked next to the survivor 1966 red Shelby, the beautiful Green 1968 GT 500 that belongs to Mr. Jim and Rick Schimdts (picture on page 148). Unfortunately BIG RED did not come out in the magazine…….just a red dot

But through the miracle of the HUBBLE, we have magnified it for your viewing pleasure in picture number four. I guess it does not make sense to photograph two red Shelbys together. Oh well, maybe next year. 

Congratulations to all!



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