Monday, August 5, 2013

Ford's Garage, Italian Mustangers and the Coolest Bathrooms Ever?!

You read that title right. Now hang on, as there's a lot going on in this post and you won't want to miss any of it.

Early on the morning of August 4, 2013, our alarm clock was a stampede of Mustangs and Shelbys roaring out of Miami. In the pack were international dignitaries, none other than the president and first lady of the Mustang Club of Italy.

Our destination: the aptly-named Ford's Garage in Cape Coral, a unique dining experience for fans of historic Fords and good cheeseburgers alike. As we thundered down the highway, there were Mustangs for miles, and we had Shelbys in spades. Needless to say, we turned some heads on our three-hour ride.

The staff at Ford's Garage were kind enough to set aside parking for the army of Ford fanatics that rolled up to their front stoop. Once we'd assembled, Ford's Garage looked more like its namesake than ever with Fords of all model years arrayed in their parking lot.

That's saying nothing about the cars that are part of the restaurant's permanent collection, such as this classic above the bar.

And now on to the bathrooms (admit it: that's why you read this article, right?). Check out how cool their set-up is. Gas pumps for door handles, tires for sinks.

Anybody else feel like it's time to remodel your bathrooms at home?

As always, we want to thank all our friends (you know who you are) for riding out with us. A special thank-you goes our to our brothers and sisters in Fords, the Mustang Club of Italy, for making that trip across the pond to join us on the cruise.

See you next time!


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