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When we first formed our club, we were a small handful of Ford enthusiasts but now that our club has grown, we can organize bigger events and do more good for our community. We highly value service to the community. In the past, we have held and will continue to hold fundraisers for the benefit of worthy causes such as:
American Cancer Society
American Heart Association
Feeding South Florida
Making Strides Against Breast Cancer
Palm Beach County Food Bank
Salvation Army
Susan G. Komen
Toys For Tots

We've done plenty, but we need your help to continue to do these things.

What can I expect as a member of SE FL SAAC?

As a member of SE FL SAAC, you can expect to participate in a variety of different types of events. Our club is a very active region of SAAC and we tend to hold events at least once a month. These include:
  • Car shows - events where you will have the opportunity to register and "show" your car with a chance of winning trophies or other such prizes.
  • Car cruises - events in which we take our cars out for a long, scenic drive. Ideal for convertibles, especially with Miami's typically convertible-favoring weather. We'll often caravan together toward a common destination in which we will have breakfast, lunch, or dinner and hang out. If you don't own a performance car, no worries. There's always room in another member's car.
  • Fundraisers - events that may or may not be car-related but serve a greater purpose.
  • Team Building - events which serve to get club members better acquainted with one another and the individual talents, knowledge, and skills we each have to offer for the betterment of our organization, personal relationships, and our community.
  • Monthly Meetings - usually casual gatherings in which we discuss upcoming events, reflect on past events, and determine what direction our organization is heading in or should head in.
  • Conventions - very large, grand-scale car shows. Conventions may be held out of town or out of state and may be scheduled across several days such as the Annual NPD Mustang Roundup in Ocala, an event our club attends every year.
The number one expectation we hope to fulfill for you is that of fun. No matter what the event, no matter what car you drive, having fun and sharing memorable experiences with good friends, around some amazing cars, is at the core of our club's values.

Do I need to own a Shelby?

Nope. You don't even need to own a Mustang to join. All we need from you is your enthusiasm.

I've got enthusiasm down! Are there any other requirements to be considered for membership?

We're glad you feel the same way we do about these fantastic cars.  Our club is a very active region of SAAC and we tend to hold events at least once a month. Dedication through attendance and active support from our members is strongly encouraged and valued highly. If you are unable to attend our events with regularity due to geographic inconveniences or lack of time, this may not be the ideal time to register for official membership with Florida SAAC but we do hope you will consider us again if you should find yourself in a position to make a fuller commitment to our club. 

Why are there non-Shelby Ford vehicles at Florida SAAC events?

Although we are a chapter of the national Shelby Club SAAC, our focus is on Shelby, Mustangs, Cobras, Tigers, SVT, SVO, GT, GT-40, Roush, Steeda, and generally any Ford-powered cars or trucks. As stated above, you do not need to own a Shelby or a Ford vehicle to become a member. The only requirements are that you are enthusiastic about these vehicles and enjoy being around others with similar interests.

I'm in! Sign me up!

Glad you're on board! Fill out our online application here.