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Southeast Florida SAAC

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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

SEFLSAAC Claims Silver Springs In The Name Of King Snake

In the 1400's, Ponce de Leon sailed to the new world. He landed in Florida and discovered a vibrant land flourishing with all sorts of flora and fauna.

The funny thing about history is that it has a way of repeating. On January 9 and 10, SEFLSAAC set out from our home base and ventured north to parts unknown in central Florida. We arrived in Ocala, which is coincidentally the State's "horse capital". And was it ever -- on arriving, we encountered a land where Mustangs run free for miles and graze in open expanses.

The trip was part of a long-standing tradition kept alive by the good people at National Parts Depot and Silver Springs Park. Each year, Mustangs, Shelby's, and Ford-powered cars of all sorts from all over the country convene in NPD's central Florida facility. Apart from being a working warehouse, NPD's facility is also an automotive museum, housing a plethora of vintage vehicles.

After coffee, donuts, and hospitality courtesy of NPD, the several hundred Fords gathered at the facility fired up and thundered across the State to Cedar Key, a quaint settlement on the gulf coast with old town flair. The next day they reconvened in Silver Springs Park, a sprawling park that offers its guests sweeping natural vistas, relaxing picnic grounds, and glass bottom boat rides over crystal clear spring water lakes.

In attendance was none other than celebrity car aficionado and host of My Classic Car, Dennis Gage. Mr. Gage and his trademark mustache graced us with a photograph.